Natural Black hairstyles part two: the bigger the better!

By on Mar. 29th

Our first natural Black hair post was kind of a hit, so planning a part deux was a no-brainer. I raided the Pinterest boards of Bisola and a few others since they obviously know how to wreck shit with amazing natural textures. Seriously, there is a ton out there for rockin' the curls and kinks. Here are some of my favorites.


Source: via Bisola


Love the swoopy bangs. Source: via Bisola


This sleek style offers such a good canvas for accessories. Source: via Bisola


Look at these two cuties. Bow-ties and curls. Source: via Bisola

Another couple, both sporting natural curls. Source: via Bisola


Braids make everything awesome-er. Source: via Bisola

Kim & Greg's Hitching

I pulled this one from our own archives! Kim rocks her natural texture with a little birdcage.

Anyone inspired by these looks and tempted to go au naturel for the wedding?