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DIY mini pies!

By on Mar. 14th

Remember when Stacey and Joel served mini pies on their wedding day?

I didn't toss my bouquet, wear a garter or "cut the cake" with Joel but we did serve a pie to each guest after dinner which made for a very fun informal alternative to the receiving line. -Stacey

If you love that idea of a pie buffet/receiving line as much as you like the idea of DIYing your wedding desserts, then this is gonna bust your crust:

Think Geek has "personal pie factories" that make four pies simultaneously — from raw to cooked — in under 10 minutes! This little puppy will grant you the power to make your own wedding treats, with any filling you want.

These could even be your delicious edible wedding favors. OMG, my stomach is growling just thinking about it.

Hurry up and grab one of these ASAP because pie factory is currently on sale for only $20!

(Pi day math: $20 + mini pies = budget-friendly wedding dessert!)

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