Formal suspenders for everyone — bring on the leather bindings!

By on Mar. 8th

Source: via Janell

Seeing actress Diane Kruger all mensweared-up spawned all kinds of outfit ideas for me. Imagine this look with a huge, flowing skirt! That good thing about suspenders is that everyone looks good in them, even the kids.

At this point, what else was there to do but find a few examples of excellent suspender wear on Pinterest? Suspender-style dresses, skinny ones with a bow tie, even winged ones!

(I also found this tutorial for DIY ruffle suspenders.)

So, come with me to check out these awesome examples of a look I have always adored…

Ooh, there it is! Suspender style with swirls of fabric! Source: via Christina Nicole

Hot vintage suspenders from thisfellow. Source: via Alexis

Dirndl-style suspender dress FTW! This one is vintage 1950s. Source:

Anyone planning to rock suspenders on the day? Any grooms going sans belt in favor of some shoulder flare? Share!