Un-frilly wedding parasols for maids in the shade

By on Mar. 1st

Source: etsy.com

I have that kind of transparent Irish skin that repels the sun, and live in a cave like a Morlock. All of that is true except for the cave part. But I know I would love a handy parasol for sunny ceremonies. It would prevent the need for sunglasses, everyone in full salute-mode covering their eyes, or the ever unflattering squint. But even on overcast days, you can't deny the drama that is the parasol.

Check out these alternatives to the usual frilly, foofy subjects:


Totally handmade! Source: flickr.com


Love this vintage style. Source: ruthbphotography.com


Like candy! Source: amazon.com

A henna-style parasol from Luna BazaarThey ♥ OBB; we ♥ them.

beach portraits

Mirka's parasol isn't frilly, it's just pink. It's totally not cheating.
Photo by Jennifer Hale

Check out our parasol archives for more inspiration. Anyone planning to rock the parasol or maybe a fan instead of a bouquet? Let us know in the comments.

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