Wedding Dress Thursdays (with or without guns) need to become a thing

February 2 | meganfinley

Jehnua has a few extra wedding dresses that she got super cheap on Craigslist. One of them she'll wear at her reception, another one she'll turn into a zombie bride dress for the annual local Zombie Walk (obviously!). But what to do with the others…

Bring them to work, hand them to your co-workers, grab guns and have a photo shoot! (Again I say, obviously.)

We decided to do Wedding Dress Thursday at work. I work with two other women and I just happened to have dresses that fit us all, so this was really bound to happen. At noon, we disappeared into an abandoned office and reappeared as brides. Then we calmly proceeded to the kitchen to have lunch and play board games. It took the boys a couple of minutes to adjust, but in the end they joined us for games and some of them were kind enough to take a bunch of photos. After our photo shoots, we became normal folks again and finished off the work day, but it was a fabulous few hours.

Please note that the guns in the photos aren't real; they're peripherals we used on past software products. We were going for a Charlie's Angel type of vibe. (I'm in the one in the middle.)