TETRIS lightbox decor made from Valentine's Day chocolate boxes

Guestpost by Jessica Charlton on Feb. 9th

Tetris valentine's candy light boxes

Having a geeky wedding and looking for something to deck the bare walls of your venue? Try making your own simple, affordable Tetris lightboxes out of those candy boxes so easily found around Valentine's Day.

What you'll need:

How you'll make it:

Sketch Tetris piece grids on inside of lids
Using your pencil, ruler, and straight edge, draw your Tetris pieces on the inside of a chocolate box lid. I made 2" squares but left about 1/8" space between each to make their division show up easily when the lightboxes are illuminated. (Note: candy box lids often have 3D elements or textures; if you can find boxes with two smooth sides, great. If you can only get your hands on the textured guys, do like I did and use the flat bottom as the "right side.")

Keep lines between each box thick enough
Grab your X-acto knife and cut the squares out. Always protect your working surfaces with something forgiving; an old magazine or a cutting mat like the green one I own.

Spray paint
Lay down a drop cloth in a well-ventilated area (I also use boxes if I don't have a large space to work in). Spray paint the outside of the lid, fully covering any writing or pictures. Allow to dry overnight at least.

Attach crepe paper and submergable lights
Cut pieces of crepe paper to cover the cutouts and tape them to the inside of the lid. Play around with how many sheets of crepe paper to layer; lighter colors may require many layers while darker colors may require fewer. Attach your battery-operated lights inside the point of the heart, facing one way. My submergeable lights have convenient clips on them, but you can also use Velcro on lights that don't have that feature, so you can take the lights out as needed to turn them on and off.

Attach a press-in prong hangers
Grab the other side of the candy box and press a prong hanger into it near the top. Flick on the light and fit both sides of the candy box together.

Tetris valentine's candy light boxes
Hang it up and watch it glow. I made a few different classic Tetris shapes, and wish I had made even more still.

Try and arrange 'em to get the most points!

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