Anatomical hearts and octopuses: funky headbands for yo' head

By on Feb. 23rd

Source: via Janell

Last week we featured a little hairstyle tutorial that required a headband. And then this week I stumbled on some killer headbands. Fate? Maybe so. Some are wild, and some are tame, but they all make a statement. And the statement is "I'm awesome."

Source: via Janell

Source: via Janell

fixing the headdress

You might remember Jess' whole lotta gorgeous headdress. Photo by Richard O'Connor

Luke & Suzanne's Muppet wedding

Suzanne's 'POW' headband was perfect at her Muppet wedding. Photo by Megan Finley

Check yo head and tell us what will be on it in the comments. Oh, and here's more headpiece inspiration if you're looking!