Have a wedding after-party at your favorite bar

By on Feb. 28th
After Party

After Party © by Edward Allen L. Lim, used under Creative Commons license.

Wedding receptions are awesome! For some, it's the bestest part about going to the wedding — getting to party with all your friends well into the night. But the problem is that it's usually the biggest expense of all the expenses. Here's an awesome idea from a former Tribe member for those of you who don't want to pay for a DJ, drinks, decor, or even the venue space at all…

Have your reception OR after party at a bar or night club!

Speaking as someone who's experienced this venue switcharoo, I can say that it was awesome. After crying at the wedding, munching on some appetizers, and sipping lemonade at their subdued reception, I was ready to do some crazy partying. So, after the appetizers were consumed, and the grandparents were ready to take off, all the "big kids" headed out to a nearby bar and continued the revelry.


  • No paying for drinks. None of us minded pitching in for drinks — in fact, we were happy to do some "hosting" of our own for the newly weds. And by the end of the night, even total strangers were buying the drinks!
  • No DJ woes. We danced to whatever the DJ spun and had a blast. Since she wasn't a "wedding dj" there were no cheesy tunes or awkward announcements.
  • No cleanup. When were good and exhausted, we just left. (For some that point came when the bar was closing. For the bride and groom it was slightly earlier.)
  • No kids. This is for those of you who want a kid-free wedding, but aren't able to do so for various reasons, or maybe you want kids there… but not necessarily when the party starts kicking in. This is your chance to break up the kid-friendly and kid-free time, and have some adults only fun.

Obviously, this guerilla reception/after party idea would work best if there happens to be a bar or club nearby for an easy transition, so it may not work for everyone. But for those of you who wrestling with your need to partay and your empty pocketbook, this option may be worth considering.

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