No artist? No problem! How one bride saved the day with her Save the Dates

February 22 | meggyfin

The artist who was supposed to be doing all of Davie and Vyctoria's wedding art backed out. So Vyctoria stepped up instead and this is what she created:

Amazing, right? Then she went on to explain…

My tattoos aren't totally accurate as I haven't had the extra roses added yet. There's a chaos star on his belt (Warhammer reference) and the font is from Dark Crystal.

I love everything about that sentence AND those Save the Dates.

  1. *mesmerized* I am in love with the hair decoration gears. (And the artwork is spiffy, too. Beautiful.)

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  2. *Claps vigorously*

    I am so flabbergasted and amazed! GO you!!!

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  3. woah! Why were you even gonna have an artist in the first place. These are lovely!

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  4. love this!! the hair is PERFECT (as a fellow dready lady) :)

  5. Am I the only one wondering why she even bothered with an artist in the first place? HELLO?!

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    • Aww thank you! Honestly, art is one of my day jobs and I wanted someone else to take the strain for once!

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      • Totally understand this. As a graphic designer by day it's so nice to have others do the creative work for me once in awhile…

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  6. It's kind of reminiscent of stained glass in a way, but totally modern and romantic. I love how your face is turned toward his and it seems like you're both thinking, "Fuck yeah, we're awesome. Let's get married!"
    Awesome job!

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  7. Love this! What program did you use? I love this!

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