Find out why The Silent Movie Theater is my favorite Los Angeles wedding venue

By on Feb. 7th

silent movie theater wedding marqueLadies and gentlefolk, I would like to introduce y'all to my neighbor, offbeat sponsor, and one of the coolest wedding venues in Los Angeles — The Silent Movie Theater!

Let me just say that if I had known that the Silent Movie Theater did weddings I probably wouldn't have given up and gotten married in Hawaii. I would have had one amazing city wedding, that ALL of my friends could have attended, in the only silent film cinema in the USA.

Yup, founded in 1942, the Silent Movie Theater is a legit piece of Los Angeles history, and a one super rad place to have a party! Hey, even if you're NOT looking for an amazing Los Angeles wedding venue, you can still check out this cool little theater for a night of watching vintage, experimental, and cult movies. How great is this place!? Let me tell you more…

You can have your awesome movie theater wedding on stage, in their 170-person capacity theater. For the reception, take it over to their Spanish Patio, which includes a bar area, cocktail tables, and a rockin' sound system.

In fact, here are few of my favorite things that you can get access to when you book The Silent Movie Theater:

  • Change the marquee to whatever you like
  • Cases to display custom posters
  • All-the-popcorn-your-guests-can eat concessions
  • Cotton candy machine rental
  • You are welcome to bring in your own liquor
  • DVD or BluRay projection
  • Sound tech for a band or karaoke
  • DJ turn table rental
  • Grill on the patio
  • Even an Xbox set up with Rock Band!

Of course their lists of add-ons is even more extensive (and sometimes even bizarre), but the thing that impressed me the most was how flexible their rates are! It all depends on day of the week, time of day, and optional add-ons. But in a town that doesn't even blink when it tells you that the venue rental alone is ten grand… the Silent Movie Theater is a godsend, with options starting as low as $1,500 for afternoon weddings.

Oh and there's one other special bonus to booking the Silent Movie Theater: I will totally walk down the street and attend your wedding at no extra cost! ;) Let's party!

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