2011 reader survey results: still surprising after all these years

By on Feb. 15th

At the end of every year we put out a survey and as you guys to let us have it answer some questions and give us feedback on Offbeat Empire sites. If you love to read over stats, or if you just want to get to know your fellow Offbeat Bride readers, here are some crunchy numbers to pour over…


  • No shock here, 97.4% of y'all are women, with the remaining sliver evenly split between men and neither/both/other.
  • Most of you are in your late 20s, with 1984 being the golden year.
  • 85% of our readers identify as caucasian.
  • Almost 18% of you identify as lesbian, gay, bi, or trans.
  • Most of you are urbanites, with you big city folk just beating out the small city folk 33% to 32%. And 5% of you are living the rural lifestyle.
  • HALF of you are employed outside of the house, and our next largest "employment status" chunk was 21% of you getting your education on.
  • Speaking of education, we have a lot of scholarly folk amongst us with more than half of you with a college and/or masters degrees.
  • Obviously, most of you are currently engaged. But if you're curious about how many married readers just can't give us up, it's almost 17%. Hi guys!
  • Of those of you getting or already married, your wedding budgets usually average between $5,000-$10,000 with $10,000-$20,000 as a close second.

Subcultural Affiliations

This is Ariel's favorite part, and if it's yours you should head over to this Offbeat Empire post to see even MORE subculture identifications. But here's how Bride broke it down:

  • 57% of you identify as Offbeat Lite (and you should read this if that term makes you uncomfortable)
  • Right on the tails of the Lite are the Academia Nerds at almost 50% (but more on that later).
  • 25% Sci Fi fans
  • 24% are gamers and fans of retro
  • 18% are hippies
  • 14% are both Steampunk and fantasy/cosplay
  • Surprisingly Burners are only at 3%.

Your loves and desires:

  • The majority (48%) of your favorite blog content are the Real Weddings. That's good, that's why you give one every day.
  • 33% of you dig the DIY posts, but 47% of you want even MORE of them. So how happy are you that we now have two DIY editors to crank out the content?
  • Next up on the list of your favorites is our budgeting advice.
  • 44% of you want more Offbeat Wife content — thoughts & advice on marriage. And I'll have you know, I hear you and I'm working on some posts. In the mean time, anyone else out there have an idea for an Offbeat Wife post — submit em!

    What's wrong with THIS graph? It's the number of people who HAVEN'T read the Offbeat Bride book, compared to those who have. Want more AMS? Get the book!

  • When asked WHY you read Offbeat Bride 82% of you said "It gives me ideas and inspiration for my wedding," 63% said "OMG, I love the photos," and 49% of you wonderful folks said "I like the writing style."
  • 51% of you have loved something you saw on this website so much that you bought that something. Most of those purchases were of wedding accessories, dresses, and (not surprisingly) shoes.
  • Speaking of shoes… there's a running theme of EVERYONE wanting "more Ariel Meadow Stallings plz!" I get it — she's the shit. ;)

Here are 5 surprising things I learned from this year's survey:

At the survey's close, Ariel asked each of us Empire editors to name five survey findings that surprised us. Since this was my third survey, I went in thinking, "Surprises shmerprises, NOTHING will surprise me." I was wrong…

  1. I was surprised that self-identified "academia nerds" are almost just as prevalent as Offbeat Lites — which makes me think, perhaps y'all are too busy writing essays and papers… but if you get a minute, hit us up with some awesome guest posts, would ya!?
  2. More people subscribe to the Offbeat Bride newsletter than the RSS feed. I live and die by my Google Reader RSS feeds, I don't know why I figured most of you did as well. (Oh, and trivia: the newsletter is just the RSS feed via email. It's the exact same content.)
  3. So many of you really want more honeymoon posts. I feel ya, I love those too. I'll see what I can do.
  4. Y'all want to see more vendors, yet a lot of you said that you don't use our Vendor Directory because there aren't vendors in your area. We need your help with that: please email us with your recommendations for folks in your area we should get in the vendor guide. :)
  5. Apparently, according to our open-answer subculture section, there is such thing as "underwater rugby." Do with that information what you will.

This post is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to our stats. Contact sales@offbeatempire.com so we can tell you more!

Oh, Reader Survey. I'll be honest and say I have a love/hate relationship with it. I hate the parts about it that kill my soul (the open feedback question at the end often gets used as a place to air detailed grievances about all the ways that I suck), but I LOVE getting to know more about you guys. (If you didn't get a chance to have your percentages heard, don't worry, we do a survey every year OR you can always contact us with your feedback.) And it turns out, as I suspected, y'all are a smart, sassy bunch of creative and wonderful (mostly) women. So thanks for participating this past year and we hope to hear from many and more of you next time!

Oh and PS: If you want to read Ariel's post comparing all three Empire sites results (Which site has the most male readers? What about the oldest readers? Which site is read by the least nerds and the most lesbians?), head on over to the Offbeat Empire blog!

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