19 ring bearer options that'll make you die from teh cute

By on Jan. 12th

Inspired by this little cherry blossom number over here (how much do you love the pocket!?), I decided to go on a trek to find even MOAR awesome ring pillows and ring holders.

Speaking of pockets, of course your pocket will work fine as a ring holder, and you don't NEED a ring pillow or special ring holder of any kind. BUT I was surprised to find that even traditional ring pillows have come a long way recently and I wanted to share some of my favorite finds in case you're interested.

Obviously in the past Offbeat Brides have gotten REALLY creative with their ring pillows. But what if you don't have time to make a Lego ring box or the skills to create a ring bearer outfit for your dog? What if you actually dig the whole ring pillow tradition? That's okay: for the craft-challenged and the Offbeat Lite alike, here are some ring pillows (way beyond the pretty white satin ones), and ring pillow alternatives (roses, eggs, dog wings…) that are available to you RIGHT EFFING NOW!

As always, click on ANY of the photos to learn more about each ring holder:

After finding the cherry blossom pillow I also got wind of this super cute bird ring pillow. The cuteness is killing me. I even like the color scheme.

It's not a ring pillow… yet. But sew a ribbon to the skull or force the rings over its plushy little bones and you got yourself one badass ring pillow from Paul Frank.

Leave it to Nambe to create a heart ring dish that's uber modern and sexy.

Umbra makes a GORGEOUS ring dish that could work just as easily as a ring holder for your wedding, then be placed on your dresser to hold your favorite jewelry and remind you of that one time y'all took a trip down the aisle together. Awwwwww.

This one says "steampunk ring pillow" to me.

Here's a cool, grungy, tattoo-style ring pillow.

Love the fun and funky colors and a pop of fluffy feathers on these guys.

How freaking cute is this ring flower? Can you imagine your ring bearer holding this rose in their tiny (or big!) hands as they come down the aisle? Because I can imagine it, and it's ADORABLE let me tell you.

Perfect for a winter wedding.

Monogram your pillow with your name, initials, inside jokes, whatever!

Botanical Ring PillowI have such a proverbial hard-on for these gothy ring pillows with a hidden pocket.

How often do you see a porange ring pillow!?

Dog wings with elastic leg front bands, a marabou pouf and satin ribbon to hold the rings all make your dog look so adorable I'll want to CONSUME ITS FLESH!

If your dog's not the wing-wearing type, here's a cool pillow option — a long black band is attached to the back of the pillow. Simply tie the black band around the shoulders and onto your dog's leash and watch your dog march proudly down the aisle.

Here's a cool heart-shaped ring box that would work beautifully and make a sweet keepsake box for later.

Rabbit Decorated Lace Wedding Ring Bearer PillowI'm currently losing my shit over this kawaii rabbit ring pillow. It's just so, well… kawaii!

If your wedding is going more towards the blinged out route, here's a Swarovski crystals Faberge egg box to cradle your rings in super style.

Okay, you got me, this one isn't actually a ring pillow — it's just a decorative pillow. But it's called the Lord of the Rings pillow! I'm thinking some crafty Offbeat Brides can turn this into a ring pillow easily and then use it as a nerdy decorative pillow after the wedding. Please!?

For even MORE ring pillow porn, be sure to check out our ring pillow tag. So many more amazing options to be found there.

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