Offbeat Bride's 5th Birthday

By on Jan. 2nd
My Inspiration

JuniperZombie and her book, photo courtesy of Britney Layne

Yesterday marked five years since the day that I launched!

I wrote a whole big looooong rambling post about it over on the Offbeat Empire business blog yesterday, but to celebrate here on Offbeat Bride, I thought I'd just do a round-up of some of my very favorite shots of Offbeat Brides and their books…

Let's take a doodle back through the five years of reading together, shall we?


Sara rocking her Pulp Fiction post, photo courtesy of Vince at

Bride doing some Important Reading before the Wedding.

Photo courtesy of Judy Jakusz

The lovely Yanina, photo courtesy of Megan Finley.

Tribe member Ruthchop

Reading Offbeat Bride

Photo courtesy of Judy Jakusz

Djinnaya handed her book off to a friend at her wedding, photo courtesy of Megan Finley.

The Bible.

Photo courtesy of Mauldin Photography

Offbeat Bride

Stephanie R, photo courtesy of Gearhart Photo

"In a minute, dear!"

Christie aka RedDress, photo courtesy of

One of the very first reader photos — ZombieKitten!

Many thanks to HalfPint for suggesting this post, and if you want my really long winded ramblings about what it all meeeeans, head over to Offbeat Empire.

Oh and PS: we always love photos of brides with their books in the Flickr group! :)