Los Angeles' Susan Sabo is the perfect wedding photographer for your simple wedding

By on Jan. 20th

The first time I was introduced to Los Angeles-based photographer Susan Sabo was through falling in love with her photos from this '50s housewife-themed bridal shower. I already knew that she was uber talented, but what i didn't know is that Susan is a very special offbeat wedding photographer as she provide's photography ONLY for small weddings.

So if you're the type who's not into details and crazy big blowouts, and instead are having a small affair — DIY in the backyard, courthouse wedding, vow renewals, or second (or third!) marriages — keep reading about the photographer that was made for you…

Since she specializes in simple weddings, her pricing is also simple — a flat $2200. What you get are awesome portraits and pictures of your ceremony, plus all this:

Susan Sabo is also featured in our Offbeat Vendors guide!

  • both color and true black-and-white photos
  • a password-protected, online gallery
  • a professionally printed and coil bound proof book, showing all your color proofs with filenames (fabulous for picking out your favorites and seeing how they will print)
  • a zillion options for print sizes, finishes, specialty items and even hi- or lo-res downloads.
  • a blog post with about 20 images showing the highlights of your wedding
  • a DVD containing all your proof images (the same ones you can see in your online gallery) in lo-res (for emailing, screensavers, stuff like that).
  • and a beautiful keepsake box containing four 8x10s, four 5x7s, twenty-five 4x6s and eight wallet-sized photos.

For all you film geeks out there, Susan shoots all her sessions in both digital and film. So if you're planning a small wedding and want the most amazing party pics possible, keep it simple for yourself and hook up with Susan Sabo Photography.