Offbeat Bride + Google Docs = the perfect bridesmaid

By on Jan. 23rd

Of course every bride's checklist will be different, but we have a few suggestions

Offbeat Bride recently got a shout-out by HuffPo writer Barbara Ortutay in her article, Google Docs, the perfect bridesmaid:

For do-most-of-it-yourself brides, wedding planning means lists, lists and more lists, with some spreadsheets thrown in for good measure. There are also the long, endlessly pored-over documents of vows, readings, even toasts. Did I mention lists?

Enter Google Docs, the search company's free, easy-to-use online document software. With templates for the spreadsheet-challenged and a slew of pretty Web tools, the service is like the perfect bridesmaid. She's calm, collected and full of good ideas but not overly pushy, letting you steer the ship. She's there when you need her.

I started earnestly planning my April 2011 wedding around this time last year. After lots of pen-on-paper scribbling, I decided to join the 21st century and move my planning online. Do you have a wedding, civil union or other commitment ceremony coming up this year? Let good old Google help.

To start, I armed myself with a to-do checklist from the popular wedding blog Offbeat Bride—another invaluable Web tool for independently spirited brides.

With my fiance and now husband, I took to Google Docs for our first task…

Read the full article, full of helpful tips for using Google Docs for wedding planning. And yes, Google has a special page set up for wedding planning:

PS: we've also got our own wedding checklist tool for Offbeat Bride Tribe members … so there's that.