It's a nice day for a white bridesmaid dress roundup

By on Jan. 17th

An Offbeat Bride reader emailed us about her idea to wear a colored wedding dress while her bridesmaids don white ones which, obviously, we LOVE! She also expressed her exasperation when it came to finding photos of other brides who have pulled off this fabulous dress color switcharoo. So, I thought I'd round up a few of our favorite examples from offbeat weddings past that just might have you re-thinking your wedding dress colors.

Danae was not at all interested in wearing white, so she donned a bright pink dress and let her bridesmaids look fabulous in white instead!

The bride and her Treckies — I mean bridesmaids. :)
Here's another fan-freaking-tastic example of the switcharoo from Christina & Aaron's green sake/bug/dino-infused Wedding. I love that the bridesmaid dresses also have this cool sci-fi look going on.

But what about BOTH the bride and the bridesmaids in white!? How amazing does this look from Heather and Chris' old-timey wedding?

Wallace Wedding 005Michelle's favourite touch for their wedding was reversing the colours of the bridal party dresses. She wore an amazing 1950s-style floor length red gown, and her bridesladies and bridesman wore white.

Carla rocked a gold dress and I love that her bridesmaids wore complimentary shawls over their pretty white dresses.

How much do you adore the mis-matching + short dress combo?

Speaking of mis-matched short dresses… Kimmy wore a colorful prom dress for her wedding, and her maid and matron of honor rocked short white dresses.

Courtesy of Style Me Pretty

Here's another great example of EVERYONE in white. Courtesy of Style Me Pretty

Walking down the aisle

Photography by Chelsea Kyle and Conor Sumner

Now, Becca and Tara's entire wedding party dressed in all white — even when one wore pants.

The ladies on either side of this gender-blind wedding party wore mis-matched dresses all in white.

If this photo of Amelia and her bridesmaids didn't just sell you on the idea of having your team wear white, then I don't know what else will.

Here's to white bridesmaid dresses!

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