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Sexypants: wedding bloomers and knickers (+ hot plus-size honeymoon outfits)

By on Dec. 2nd


A few months back, I did a post about slightly sinister plus-size honeymoon lingerie and y'all seemed to like it. I figured I'd do another quicky post featuring some more undergarment gorgeousness, this time focusing on bloomers, knickers, and other sexypants from Hips and Curves. Now, I know a lot of you browse Offbeat Bride at work, and I just gotta say: this is probably a post for you to save to read until later this weekend. I mean, there's no bare boobs or anything, but there is some serious come-hither glancing going on.

Read the full post at your own peril/pleasure.

As always, click the pictures to learn more.

First, let's talk cotton bloomers. These can be great to go under a full-skirted wedding dress if you're wanting to avoid thigh chafing or overheating — or just want to add a little vintage fullness. Alternately, the shorter ones coupled with a corset make for vintage-tinged sexy times on the honeymoon:

These bloomers would keep you cool under a hot, long skirt. Elastic waist, lace trim and a drawstring at the bottom hem (so it can be worn loose or gathered below the knee).

Made of soft 100% cotton fabric with a comfortable elastic waist. The ruffled hem has an elastic band, delicate lace trim and bows on the side. Wear with a matching camisole or white corset for sexy toymes.

Now, can we talk about some knickers? YES, KNICKERS. I love the idea of rocking these cheeky butt-ruffles under a more conservative wedding gown:
Ruffle Back Plus Size Panty

And finally, this has nothing to do with bloomers or knickers, but I have a sneaking suspicion that a few of you could rock these looks so hard on your honeymoon:

The riding crop makes it.

If you want to go vintage sexypants but also COMFORTABLE for your honeymoon, I'm loving the Edwardian bloomers coupled with a simple matching camisole.

If you want more full-figured inspiration for your scandalous schemes, head over here:
HipsandCurves Plus Size Lingerie

Just, you know, wait until you're not at work.