A montage of weddings from all four seasons and one nifty Jane Austen how-to

By on Dec. 12th

As we near the end of 2011, the Offbeat Flickr Pool seemed to cover all of the year's celebrations and seasons. It felt nice to see some warmth and sun (for those of us in chilly climates). Make sure you're adding your winter and holiday photos into the pool for the coming weeks as well!

In the meantime, enjoy these selections from the Offbeat Flickr Pool and the Offbeat Bride Pinterest account.

In Spring-like fashion, this couple whipped out the Twister to enjoy a little roll-around in the outdoors. Plus, who wouldn't dig the blue espadrille-style shoes and paisley tie? Photo by Rebekah Johnson.

In addition to being very brave Twister-ing in a wedding dress, our bride also sported a little shock of blue in her hair and this gorgeous flowery headband. Photo by Rebekah Johnson.

Tribe member Tamarasaurus' Grand Canyon wedding will make anyone think of summer. Photo by Brandon Kowallis.

Here's a close-up of Tamarasaurus' dried flower bouquet. Photo by Brandon Kowallis.

Katie's groom Jesse and his groomsman bust a move in the Fall leaves. Photo by Sean Sherman Photography.

Megan recently covered some guh-mazing card boxes, but I have just one more to add, which I know she will appreciate. Katie and Ron's shark card box encourages everyone to feed the card shark. Photo by Tami Melissa Photography.

Elyse and Perry successfully combined a big top hat, an ice blue dress (with gloves), and an AMAZING peacock parasol into one photo. Photo by Daybreak Studios.

In the spirit of winter. Source: ruffledblog.com via Offbeat Bride on Pinterest

Tossing the Football Around

Bonus photo: Meiling and Peter pay homage to The Room by inexplicably tossing around a football in their formal wear. Photo by Cahoots Photography

I saw these Jane Austen-style patterns that I would love to see in an Austen-inspired wedding for my own selfish desires. Someone go do that, report back, and make us all swoon, eh? Source: compulsivecraftiness.com via Offbeat Bride on Pinterest

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