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Eff yeah: pretty wedding shoes that don't hurt

Guestpost by Bethany on Dec. 30th

oh shoes purpleSo, there have been posts about wide shoes. Check.

Posts about big shoes. Check.

Posts about shoes that are good for your feet? Well, here goes.

Not all Offbeat Brides can wear five-inch rainbow platforms. We'd love to, but we suffer from Arthritis, Fibromyalgia, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, and/or countless diseases that cause us pain or discomfort. Chronic pain, however, doesn't make us love cute shoes any less!

So, here are some great options for those of us who need arch support!

Gentle Souls Okey Dokey (Gold) High Heels
Gentle Souls Funtastic (Salmon Nubuck) Women's Shoes
ECCO - Pretoria Pump (Moon Rock Universe) - Footwear
Gentle Souls - Maeko (Stone Shiny Nubuck) - Footwear
Camper - Damas 21923 (Light Beige) - Footwear
Gentle Souls - Juniper Barry (Sky Blue) - Footwear
Gentle Souls - Lily Moon (Purple) - Footwear
Geox D Marieclaire Mid (Fuchsia) Women's Shoes
Gentle Souls - Opportunity (Cream Nappa) - Footwear
Think! - Soso Damen - 82508 (Shell/Kombi) - Footwear
Think! Soso Damen - 82513 (Atoll/Kombi) Women's Slide Shoes
Helle Comfort Engla (Beige/Iridescent) High Heels
Camper - Agatha Sandal 21900 (Medium Red) - Footwear
Tsubo - Fifee Perf (Buff/Caviar Suede) - Footwear
Rieker 41747 Mariah 47 (Vanilla) Women's Shoes

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About Bethany

A North Carolina bride with Fibromyalgia, marrying a California boy I met in Tennessee. Total nerd, former History major, current (online) Photography major, and cashier at a CVS Pharmacy. Also, formerly the “Winter” group host on the Offbeat Bride Tribe.