My themeless wedding: proving you don't need a theme to get hitched

Guestpost by Tessa B. on Dec. 28th

Nobody believes me when I tell them I don't have a wedding theme. Conversations go something like this…

Them: "But you're going to, right?"
Me: "Nope. Can't really think of a single thing that would really capture all our interests in one go."
Them: "Oh, so you're gonna have, like, several themes then!"
Me: "No… no themes."
Them: "Well, what's your color then?"
Me: "Rainbow."
Them: "I… what?"
Me: "I want all my bridesmaids to be different colors, and for the general party to be as colorful and fun as possible."
Them: [Stunned silence followed by] "Just you wait. Pretty soon you'll suddenly pick something and become obsessed. OBSESSED, I tell you!"

Now, I'm pretty sure this has more to do with others' perceptions of "proper wedding planning," and much less to do with some sort of mysteriously themed and color-coordinated life that I've been leading without realizing it. My old roommate did point out to me that I enjoy collecting things (totally true) and giving myself mini-missions throughout life ("I must find the perfect leather jacket for under $100!" or "Life will be incomplete until I discover the best vindaloo in all of Berkeley!"). And that, in all likelihood, I would just get bored and decide I need to put together the world's biggest collection of Doctor Who paraphernalia — just because — and then use the wedding as an excuse for my newest eccentricity.

Which means I do, in fact, now have a theme. PROVING THEM ALL WRONG. You heard me right: my theme is totally just to be a stubborn jackass and refuse to have a theme so that in six months I can do the "I told you so" dance in my pretty dress surrounded by my mis-matched bridesmaids under my pinata and next to my peach cobbler.

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