My New Year's resolution is to shut my mouth

Guestpost by HazardGirl on Dec. 29th
You got a purdy mouth…

Sometimes the best thing to do is keep your mouth shut with a big smile. Thanks to ShellBelle for uploading this to the Flickr pool.

My New Year's resolution is to shut my mouth about my wedding. Here's why…

Oddly, I know for most people that it is family that gives them a hard time over choices, but in my case it's my friends. Not that anyone is saying "OH! You can't do that!" — they would never do that — they just are all trying to be so "helpful" that they keep wanting me to take things to another level I don't want to go to.


Friend 1: Oh, are you going to do rose petals down the aisle outside like I did? It's so pretty!
Me: No, it's a garden, I want to let the living flowers decorate and just go with that.
Friend 1: Oh, you have to though. I'll bring some.
Me: Grrrrrrr.

Friend 2: I have tons of extra sparkly crystals to put around your centrepieces. They're so pretty!
Me: Well, we kind of have this '40s wartime vintage thing happening — they don't really work.
Friend 2: Oh, but you'll love them, remember how sparkly my tables were?
Me: Grrrrr.

Now, my wedding isn't until September, so I know I can talk them down on the specifics they've all dreamed up so far, but I am going on a wedding-talk-shut-down until we get way way closer to the wedding, and everything is done. But, from now on when anyone asks, I'm going with the, "Oh, I want there to be some surprises, we are keeping a bunch of stuff to ourselves!" with a big smile and a change of subject.

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