A murloc cake, a rib cake, a ransom note invite, and lots of DIY projects

By on Dec. 5th

The Offbeat Flickr Pool wowed me this week with some WoW love, ornament bouquets, ransom notes, and even a RIB CAKE! Don't freak out, just keep reading. Jennifer and Jeremiah's love of World of Warcraft is featured in this murloc cake topper. You know what they'd have to say about this: "Mrglllgrrlll!!" Watch your mouth, fish man. And get out of my starting zones.

Another cool thing about Jennifer and Jeremiah's wedding was these color-coordinated wedding party including some very familiar bouquets!

Tribe member SherlockBethlock and her groom created these ransom note invitations, which are AWESOME!

On top of that, the pair directed their guests to fork over all of their contraband… and their wedding cards.

Steampunk gentlemen guests

Photo by Julie Bernstein of Funcrunch Photo

Tribe member Plymouth knows some very cool people with very cool steampunk wear. I love all the different color choices too.

Fantastic purple dress on Tribe member AnotherFreak at the Spirit of Detroit with her shmancy groom. Plus a purple birdcage veil! Guh-orgeous.


Photo by Evocateur

This is Joe and Shiloh really noshing on a piece of their RIB CAKE and whiskey fountain. They really mean it. Here's a close-up of the cake itself.

This couple's lovely place settings are a mystery to me, but one I must solve! Is the table runner sprayed with paint? Are there painted doilies prints? What are the favors? This is the mystery of the Flickr pool. It makes you want MOAR details!

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