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It's been a while since I did my first card box roundup, so I thought I'd inundate you with all the latest and greatest ideas in card boxes. If you're not sure what a card or envelope box is, that's okay; I didn't know what they were either. Here's the idea: it can be smart to set out a card box at your reception for your guests to deliver their cards, instead of delivering them into your hands and then you losing them. (Not that I speak from experience or anything… okay, I do… speak from stupid experience, that is.)

So yes! Card boxes are rad, and easy to incorporate, and save you a lot of hassle. Wanna have a card box at your wedding now? Well, here are some nifty ideas.


Photography credit: Cassie S./Andrew K.

Kashiitan's cardbox was modeled after their cat, Pancake. This wins for card box that I most want to feed a saucer of milk to.

Card Bird House

Photos by Photo Pink

Mackitten got her gorgeous bird house card box from Etsy seller DoorCountyWoodworks.


Photo by

Karen's Tardis card box wins the award for the card box I most covet (also, I imagine, the award for bigger-iest on the inside-iest.) If you want to learn how to make your own Tardis card box, check out this post.

Card Box

Photo by Tina Hessenauer

Kaylee hand painted and lined her card box with vintage fabric to re-create that old suitcase feel. She said, "it was perfect for the cards and then easy to close and carry away with us."

Oscar, the card box monster

Photo by Ork de Rooij

Meet Oscar, the card box monster. Millennyum did a really cool spin on the popular monster card box — she took a mini trash can, covered it with fur, eyes, teeth and a tail, and an adorable little card box monster was born.

Mario card box
Jessa and Nic's Super Mario card box was created by Etsy seller jen4eternity.

Card Box
Catnippe also had an awesome Super Mario-themed card box. This one wins for the card box I most want to bash my head against.

Pinterest served up this hollowed out log card… log, I guess. Love the carved initials.

DM used a A Peavey mini amp, sans guts, as their card box. She explains, "It took awhile to get my hands on something that could cut through the steel plate inside, but now it's done. When the door is closed you can't even tell it's not part of the amp."

Card Box
Or if you'd rather super-size your card amp, here's June's Maid of Honor whipped up — a replica Mesa amp, complete with Marceline the Vampire Queen (from Adventure Time) axe bass. Here's a photo for scale.

Aminspace used an antique stereoscope (3D photo viewer) as a card box. She even included a cool photo for guests to check out when they made a deposit.


Photo by Moxie Studios

I love this robot card box, constructed from an old computer which the groom had been using as a nightstand.

Tara and Clayton used the 'ol stacked box method and decorated theirs with a comic book character theme.

Our Gnome Mailbox Cardbox
Here's a World of Warcraft card box. Schallersgirl explains, "In WoW in the Gnome starting areas this is what their mailboxes look like!! :D Cardboard, paint, tape, and hot glue!"

Elephant Card Box

Photo by Lauren Hill.

Aiz made this paper mache elephant card box over several months. Time well spent, I'll say!

Anymore amazing card boxes that I've missed? Leave your ideas in the comments, or better yet, upload them to the Offbeat Bride Flickr pool (make sure to tag them "card box") and they may be included in the NEXT round-up!

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