Wedding vows that include ice cream, sweet promises and… beating people up

By on Dec. 8th
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Ice cream, weddings, and sweet sweet words — aren't they the best things EVER!? Photo by White Shutter Photography

We know a lot of you looking for inspiration when it comes to writing your own vows. Sometimes it can be overwhelming and crazy-making to try to and sum up all your epic love for you partner in one perfectly crafted speech that you (quite possibly) will read in front of all your loved ones and a few strangers. So, we thought we'd help you out and, hopefully, get your creative juices flowing with some amazing vows used and spoken by fellow Offbeat Bride readers.

Amanda recently shared with us her husband Pete's incredible vows. They each wrote their own vows, and kept them secret from each other until they read them aloud at the ceremony. Pete had started writing his a couple of weeks before the wedding, but, according to Amanda, "he scrapped his first attempts and wrote something from scratch the day before the wedding. What he said ended up being so perfect and beautiful that I have to share it."

And share it we shall!

Today, I am giving one of the most valuable things I have to give to you. When we met a year ago, I had no idea what would be in store for us in such a short amount of time. Now, I stand here asking for your hand in marriage.

As we go through this adventure together, I pledge myself to you in every way I can. I promise to be your protector, your mate, and your friend.

If times get rough, I will be there to lift you up, be a shoulder, and help you forge forward.

If things get dark and there looks to be no way out, I will be a beacon for you to help you find your way back, just as you were for me.

I promise to stand by your side in times of adversity, illness, and sorrow. Also, to share in the joyous times, to smile and laugh with you, and to never ever EVER stop kissing you.

I promise you happiness in your life. If anyone ever makes you cry, I will beat them up and then buy you an ice cream. And though it will never be my intention, should I ever hurt you and make you cry I will do whatever I can do fix it. I will then beat myself up and buy you an ice cream.

Finally, I promise you myself. I will be there for you whenever you need me and whenever you don't. I will love you completely and utterly.

Amanda, I pledge myself to you fully and wholeheartedly on this day. My heart and my soul are shared with you now, and I willingly give you the gift of my love. I do ask that you treat it kindly, but I promise I will treat you with nothing but respect, kindness, and appreciation no matter the circumstance. I will be your loving partner for every waking hour and every moment asleep, no matter how close or how far apart we may ever be. There are not enough words to do justice, however I will never stop saying, "I love you."

Amanda, I would be honored and humbled to have you as my wife.

Pete, I would be honored and humbled to have you write all of my husband's daily affirmations of love from now on. Bravo, dude! :)

We've got pages of vow examples right here… Anyone else have some awesome vows that wowed to share with us?

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