How to fix a wedding invitation faux pas with an "honest mistake" video

By on Dec. 14th

Alexis (of custom wedding hangers fame) and Rafe made a bit of wedding invite oopsie. They sent out their fabulous wedding invitations that included their fabulous RSVP response cards PRE-stamped… and that's what caused the problem.

See, between the time that they sent their invites and the time their guests received them, the Post Office raised the price of postage from 28 to 29 cents!

But thankfully, Alexis and Rafe had an AWESOME solution that would really work for ANY kind of wedding invitation disaster. So watch and learn, people.

Lessons learned from this experience:

  1. Always check for postage rate hikes around the time of your wedding.
  2. Always take detailed, high quality photos of you and your partner mailing your wedding invitations. You never know when those will make for a great apology video.
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