Save the Dates in action LITERALLY with Save the Date videos

By on Nov. 15th

Do you remember that time I freaked out about the couple who made a Save the Date video parody of an iPad commercial? Since that time our darling offbeat brides have produced so many more freak out-worthy Save the Date videos. Allow me to share them with you!

Betsy shared her self-made Save the Date video with us — it's sourced from thirteen years worth of cards, letters, photos, cinema stubs from their first date, high school, college, Betsy leaving to the US and then their reunion.

Y'all, I can die happy because Pamela and her fiance made a Save the Date video based on the Family Matters opening sequence. If they weren't already getting married, I'd marry BOTH of them because, clearly, they are two of the most amazing people on Earth.

Sean and Chelsea hooked up with to produce this amazing Steampunk Save the Date video.

Here's Liz's homemade, stop-motion, animated keyboard letter Save the Date video, set to the music of the White Stripes.

For more stop-motion goodness, here's Jenn's Save the Date video created by Mallory Berry. Love the map traversing.

Mudd and Pete made their Save the Date video using Xtranormal is movie-making website with where you write a script, choose the players, and switch camera angles. (Their most recognizable work is probably the Geico commercials). The best part is that Mudd and Pete made this for free!

And finally a Save the Date video using Lego, from the aptly named LegoLady! She explains, "We decided to do video save the dates, not only to save paper, but also because our awesome photographer surprised us with this video to fit our Lego theme."

Save the Date videos are awesome, save dough (no stamps or paper to buy!), and are an awesome opportunity to show your guests a little preview of the fun to come. So get yourself and a Vimeo account and save that date! If you have a Save the Date video you'd like to share, leave it in the comments!

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