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Polka-dot pumps for your wedding toes

By on Nov. 4th

Today it's all about the polka dots and the heels. Polka dots always feel a little bit retro, but done the right way, they can feel classy and sophisticated, too. Peeking out from underneath an otherwise more conservative wedding outfit, they can be the perfect exclamation point at the bottom of your gown. I'm tossing in a few larger dots, and one pair of dots AND stripes shoes, but for the most part these heels are all polka-dotty all the time.

Irregular Choice - Milkshake Mush (Black) - Footwear

Not Rated - Martini (Navy/Red) - Footwear

Not Rated - Martini (Black/White) - Footwear

Vigotti - Merol (Black/Black) - Footwear

Irregular Choice - Bowtiful (Grey) - Footwear

Naughty Monkey - Lady Jam (Black/White) - Footwear

Irregular Choice - Bowtiful (Red) - Footwear

Loeffler Randall - Tamsin (Blush Dot) - Footwear

You Dot Sole Heel from ModCloth

Chiaroscuro Allure Heel from ModCloth

Kiss Hello Heel from ModCloth

Independent Clause Heel from ModCloth

When in Dot Heel from ModCloth

Neon Light Up Heel from ModCloth

I Feel Like Dancing Heel from ModCloth

Head Over Heel from ModCloth

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