Airships & airmail: new moody vintage-inspired wed-site templates

By on Nov. 16th

Par Avion, one of the six new wedding website templates from Offbeat Bride and Royal Steamline

You know how up there in the header it says "WedSites"? Have you ever clicked that tab? Ever noticed how Offbeat Bride has teamed up with to offer free wedding websites with Offbeat-centric templates? You never knew that you could make an informational page about your wedding for your guests completely free? No? You never noticed that? Well, you should get clicking, friends… because HOLY SHIT, our longtime pals at Royal SteamlineThey ♥ OBB; we ♥ them have just added some brand-spanking-new GORGEOUS wedding website templates that you won't get anywhere else. We're talking evocative and emotional templates that perfectly capture an era or a mood — whether that's Neo-Victorian airships, Art Nouveau noire, or slightly ominous carnival.

Come with me while we gawk at them together.

Click any of the images to link to the template and start designing your wed-site:

An Airship Built for Two

Thee Olde Country

Soft Focus template

Ooh, so industrial

Step Right Up!

There are over 20 more amazing Offbeat Bride-affiliated templates to choose from — and of course if you're not into our taste in templates, you can browse over 400 other templates on

So, if you're even considering making a wedding website, go get signed up and start playing around. You can change your template as many times as you like.

Oh and PS: I'm always looking to scheme with offbeat invitation designers who want to team up to annihilate boring wedding website templates! Get in touch.