Fire and ice and everything nice (and a hint of naughty)

By on Nov. 7th

In contrast to our simple weddings theme, the Offbeat Flickr Pool was sporting some funky details including icy drinking, fire dancing, and all things cute and sweet. It was quite the contrary mix of photos this week. But they are always awesome.

T-Rex Ice Jager Luge!

Photo by Phil Gammon

Nothing says lovin' like a T-Rex shaped Jager luge. Like this couple says, "A wedding's not a wedding without drinking chilled Jagermeister from the belly of a dinosaur. Science fact."

2011.07.02 Wedding Photos - Reception

Photo by Lucas Mobley

And in other ice luge news, how about one that's shaped like a hot air balloon? For real! Here's a straight-on shot.

2011.07.02 Wedding Photos - Reception

Photo by Lucas Mobley

From the same wedding as above, we can see that the guests will be taking full advantage of said luge and getting their drank on! I'm also loving the cute parasol.

Lara and Mark set the event on fire with their fire dancing escorts into the reception. And the fiery red hair? Sexy as hell!

But what about all things nice? Does Rebecca and Dave's Smurf cake topper fit the bill? Love it.

The Kiss
I counted exactly one bajillion paper flowers. Was that how many you counted? But all that work was so worth it for this amazing archway.


Photo by Whitney Lee

Oh, hello puppy. I see you've stolen the spotlight. Maria and Mark's happy hound seems right at home in that tie.

Rockabilly Bridesmaids

Photo by Phil Gammon

Check out these rockabilly bridesmaids from our dino-luge wedding. The dresses have skulls! This deserves and A+ for bridal party styling.

An elephant on a cake usually spells disaster. But in this case, tiny elephants are just the right size to serve as cake guardians.


Photo by Ed Luna

Tribe member Bria and her groom Dustin look kind of naughty with that ball and chain. Thus endeth the circle of life in the world of montages.

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