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Skeletons, spikes and steampunk shoes, OH MY!

By on Oct. 24th

Thanks to Offbeat Bride reader Maureen for sending these Skelton Xray Pumps our way just in time for Halloween week!

Maureen explained:

I am obsessed with Halloween and was doing some browsing instead of tending to my grad school homework. Ummmm… these are awesome and wouldn't they be perfect for a Dia de Los Muertos wedding, or just for any super-cool offbeat bride who wants to rock them with her outfit?

Then, while researching that skeleton shoe, I came across these bad boys and just lost it…

The Metropolis Predator Skeleton Pump comes in black, white, red, and silver. And that backbone detail just blows me away.

On a similar note, check out all of Metropolis' steampunk-inspired footwear. I am officially in AWE.

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