My offbeat Halloween costume this year: historical couture Pushba photobomber

By on Oct. 28th
Photo by Nelson Lauren

Russian goth fashion model vs American photobomber trying to look Very Serious. Ready? FIGHT! Photo by Nelson Lauren Photography


Remember how a few years ago I dressed up as all my favorite Offbeat Bride trends all at once? This year, I went for something a little different, dressing up in twisted historical couture and photobombing a fashion shoot of my favorite Russian goth model, Pushba.

I first fell for Pushba in 2009 when we featured her wedding here after it went viral online, and I've been quietly following her online ever since.

When she told me she was coming to New York and invited me to meet up, I gathered up my frequent flyer miles and flew out, organizing a photo shoot for Offbeat Mama with Nelson LaurenThey ♥ OBB; we ♥ them at the Hello Super 8They ♥ OBB; we ♥ them studios in Brooklyn. Styled by the inimitable Evelyn Kriete, the looks in the shoot ranged from Tim Burton-esque neo-Victorian to Art Nouveau silent film queen. Fashion shoots are NOT normally the kind of thing we feature on Offbeat Bride, but those of you aiming for neo-Victorian or gothic-inspired weddings may find a little eye candy here …

Insecure disclaimer: just as a trick or treater dressed up as a sexy inflammatory email isn't ACTUALLY an inflammatory email, no amount of me dressing up next to a model can make me ACTUALLY be a model. But whatever: Halloween is about having fun — so let's do this fucking thing!

Oh, so you want to know what we're wearing? Lucky for you, Evelyn kept track:

Pushba, the Russian model who knows what she's doing: black and white neo-Victorian

Ariel, the American blogger who has no idea what she's doing: Black and white striped neo-Victorian

Pushba: Art Nouveau silent film queen

  • Purple stone gothic choker and bracelet from Alchemy Gothic
  • Black vintage 1920s silk and lace slip as the under dress
  • 1930s vintage lace flowing sleeve jacket
  • Vintage style ring
  • Shoes: Bordello from Pleaser

Ariel: Neo-Vintage stroll

  • Red/pink striped scarf from Lord & Taylor
  • Double-headed eagle crest pendant from Rock Love
  • Skirt = Ladies Organic Cotton Drawstring Skirt from Clockwork CoutureThey ♥ OBB; we ♥ them
  • Sheer lace vintage 1920s over dress
  • Purple tea gloves from Mishu
  • Ladies Victorian Military Jacket from Retroscope Fashions
  • Shoes: Merry Munchausen's Whimsical Ladies Boots from Clockwork CoutureThey ♥ OBB; we ♥ them

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For the full shoot, head on over to Offbeat Mama!