This Montage has attitude, style, and major rock chic. Plus hats. We like hats.

By on Oct. 17th

Serious poses and attitude littered the Offbeat Flickr Pool this week. Everyone's mugging and voguing for the camera. And there are a few choice hats as well!

Dream Car

Photo by Greg Doramus

Cailey and Christian smolder in their shades, ink, and dream car at their barbecue meets rock 'n' roll wedding.

Rebecca and Derek are throwing horns because that's just how they do. And with that amazing tiered gown from Seams CoutureThey ♥ OBB; we ♥ them, I'd be feeling pretty metal too.

These two are posing like fiends on the groom's bike. And check out the bride's shoes… totally adorable.

Chloe and Esteban move us into total romance territory. And we can't ignore her fabulous mantilla veil. I never get tired of that style.

Photo by White Shutter

Athena and her groom were caught downing a shot while honoring their dearly departed, which is as good a reason as any.

Rainbow gals in The Chi! And not only that, but they're riding on the Reggie's bus!

And here are their rainbow dude counterparts, making some noise and messing around on the bus.

And now for something completely different. Marlenah and her kilted beau are freshly hitched and looking fine. Check out her feather fascinator and silvery lace dress, not to mention the snazzy pants-ness of the groom. Or is it pants-less-ness? Side note: feather fascinator close-up alert!

For more hat fun, check out these guests from Susan & Ian's wedding. They requested that everyone come in hats (oh, so UK)!

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