How to make yarn poofball wedding decor in three easy steps

Guestpost by Jessica Charlton on Oct. 20th

I've been asked to provide more info on how I made the poofballs for my floral-alternative centerpieces. There are other yarn flower tutorials out there, but none for the way I make mine. My method requires the LEAST amount of materials.

yarn poofball centerpieces

What you will need:

  • yarn
  • scissors
  • two hands

First, begin with yarn. Yarn is spun from a few different materials. The ones in this tutorial are acrylic but I LOVE the way wool yarn looks with this project. Grab about a 4"-5" length of yarn and tuck it between two fingers, then begin wrapping yarn around two, three, or four fingers, depending on how big you want your poofball to be. It'll look like this:

Now beef it up! The more yarn you wrap, the denser and fluffier the pom will be. Next, cut your yarn with about 4"-5" to spare. Grab the tail you already made when you began wrapping. You might have to dig it out from between your fingers if you wrapped tightly. Wrap these ends around the middle of your yarn tube a couple times and tie a double knot. It'll look like this:

Now for the messy part… cut 'em open. Use scissors to cut through all the loops you just made, on either side of the knots you tied. Find a pair of sharp, sturdy scissors for this, it'll make things go very smoothly. I chose my tiny, pointy embroidery scissors:

Once you cut all the loops open (and have checked for baby loops you might have missed), use the scissors to trim the yarn ends down to get a uniform, spherical look:

Now you're ready to use these for whatever you wish!

Photo by  Anthony Carbajal.

Photo by Anthony Carbajal.

I used hot glue to attach the middle of my poms to sticks. (Careful with hot glue, folks! I'm a seasoned crafter and I got a blister because I was careless.) You can also string these along a line and use them as a bunting-type decoration, dangle them from strings, shove handfuls of them in clear vases, make jewelry and headpieces with them… POMS AWAY!

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