Super awesome, brightly colored, interactive program wheels

Guestpost by Elizabeth Jancewicz on Oct. 18th

Elizabeth Jancewicz keeps supplying us with both colorful and creative wedding ideas. Here's another one that's gonna inspire you and your eyeballs.

My husband and I hand-made all our programs and I'm super excited about them. And so ladies (and some gentlemen) I present you with our super awesome, ultimate, colourful interactive programs:

So how about some more pictures and a little explanation of how we made them?

Here's my beautiful future husband, showing them off. We put them together so that no two programs match in colour schemes.

So what we did with these programs is, of course, have our names and wedding date on the very front, and then the wheel tells who all is in the wedding; turn the wheel towards "Ordained Minister" and the window shows "Jimmy 'Yes, he went to seminary' Dutton." We gave everyone in the wedding awesome inside joke nicknames. We had a blast coming up with all of them, and I'm guessing lots of guests will enjoy going through them (though especially those actually in the wedding).

Then on the back we printed up pockets with the actual "Schedule of Festivities."

Then inside each pocket is a square sheet of paper, instructing our guests to use the blank side to write us a message, and we'll use that in place of a guestbook! Not bad, hmm? To be honest, I am very proud.

To make our programs I designed this top wheel with a window in it.

I also designed this slightly larger wheel. They'll connect in the middle with a brad, and guests will then get to turn the wheel to see who will be our flower girls, etc.

After we attach the wheels, we glued this pocket to the back of the whole thing, with the actual schedule of the ceremony.

Then, we stuffed one of these square slips of paper into that pocket (two printed on a page).

I printed out enough to make about 200 of these in bright colourful paper, and then my family and I all sat around one evening watching The Lion King (awesome movie, am I right?!) and cut them out.

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