Anatalie & Mario's Broadway glam movie premiere wedding

By on Sep. 8th

We've written about performers walking the line between theatricality and authenticity when planning their weddings — we think this theatrical bride managed it perfectly!


Photos by Joey Brown

The offbeat bride: Anatalie, Hair Artist

Her offbeat partner: Mario, United States Navy

Date and location of wedding: The Majestic Metro, Houston, Texas — October 10, 2010

What made our wedding offbeat: I grew up doing community theatre and putting my friends through hours of home productions. I wanted our wedding to reflect that love of theatre. Our proposal was in New York City on my 25th birthday. It consisted of a Frank Sinatra singing telegram and ended on one knee on top of Rockefeller Center. I love a big production and this was my opportunity to direct the biggest production of my life. Many friends and family contributed to the day as well.

Majestic Metro Red Carpet

I have idolized Judy Garland my entire life and honored that by walking down the aisle to a mix of "Here Comes the Bride" that faded into "Somewhere Over the Rainbow." I also had custom-made ruby red slippers with my "something blue" socks.


We re-enacted four movie posters that hung throughout the venue (Grease, Father of the Bride, I Love Lucy, and Super Mario Bros.)

A red carpet greeted my guests along with a hot dog cart, popcorn machine, and concession stand. The favors were custom soundtracks that had every song featured during the ceremony and reception on it. All the bouquets and boutonnieres were made of feathers. My wedding veil and all of the bridal party's feather hair pieces were made by my Maid of Honor.


All the decor was pretty much DIY, including my garter, the unity candle, the Playbill programs, centerpieces, framed pictures from friends' and family's wedding days, the flower girl's "basket" (which was a popcorn basket), and the ring bearer's pillow (which was a sparkling, bedazzled top hat).

Flower Girl


No way, bub.

We had a Mariachi Band that played right after the ceremony to honor Mario's Mexican background and to welcome all his family who traveled from Mexico City.

Mariachi Band

Each of my bridesmaids wore fishnets and red pumps and had pin-up style updos and makeup.


Tell us about the ceremony: I had the guests arrive 30 minutes before the ceremony was to take place, so they could walk the red carpet and gather their Playbills, popcorn, and candy before the show started.

Popcorn and Candy Bar

The ceremony opened with the 20th Century Fox fanfare to set the tone for the feature presentation. The wedding party walked down the aisle to a group of our close friends singing "Somebody to Love."


The minister performed his very first wedding for my parents back in 1981. My friends sang "Seasons of Love" from Rent during the unity candle ceremony. Mario and I both exchanged our own hand-written vows. We kissed to the sounds of "All You Need is Love."


Our biggest challenge: My biggest challenge was food. In a previous life, I was a catering manager so I was very picky during this process. I didn't want a designated "dinner time." Passed hors d'oeuvres were an option at one point, but I couldn't find a company that would offer the service for a reasonable price.

With less than a month before the wedding I still hadn't made up my mind. Mario and I met at a restaurant, so I ended up going with that restaurant, which was perfect. We then added a hot dog cart and popcorn machine to emphasize the New York/movie theme.


My favorite moment: Our videographer put together two videos, one of Mario and I talking about how we met, our relationship, and our proposal, and a video dedicated to our parents. Both played during the reception and it brought together the movie premiere theme.

Watching the movies

Watching the vids

One of my best friends choreographed a routine for my bouquet toss with girl power anthems, ending with Beyonce's "Single Ladies." It was cute and reminded me of all the routines I put my girlfriends through while growing up.

Bouquet Toss

My funniest moment: The funniest moment of the wedding was when my beautifully butch lesbian friend (who also serenaded us with her awesome vocals during the entire production) caught the garter. She definitely beat some guys down for it!


My advice for offbeat brides: Others will try to tell you how things "should go" or "typically go," but unless you're "typical," it may just not apply. Listen to your heart and don't stress about pleasing everyone.


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