Love at high altitude: a ski wedding near Mount Rainier

By on Sep. 21st

Ann and Jonathan are outdoorsy folks and decided that Crystal Mountain Ski Resort was the place they wanted to make their union official at 6,872 feet. Daniel at A Beautiful Day Photography captured all moments and the unbelievably blue sky, making for an awesome set of photos.

Their wedding breakfast was held at The Summit House of Crystal Mountain Resort, near Mount Rainier, which is located about 54 miles Southeast of Seattle, Washington.

The day was overcast down at the bottom of the ski lift. You'll see what happens later as they ascend higher and the sky clears.

Everything was gray and misty on the ride up, with a layer of white over everything.

Holy nature! The sun emblazons the world in light and the sky is clear. They had lovely, morning sky since it was only 7:00 a.m.! they had their ceremony scheduled before the resort opened to the public.

Father and daughter made their way to the groom. Her crystal bouquet was like frozen flowers. It couldn't get any more perfect for the setting.

Bundled up and saying vows.

You can see Ann's little hat bling in this shot. Tiny flowers adorned her white hat.

Skyped wedding alert! The laptop and webcam allowed Jonathan's mom to attend the ceremony remotely.

It's done! It was time to don the wedding helmets (with top hat and veil, natch) and hit the slopes as husband and wife.

Something for the fellow skiers to enjoy as the pair whizzed by.

They warmed up and cut the blueberry ski-themed cake during their wedding breakfast.

There are more pictures of the freezing and fabulous day with Ann and Jonathan over at A Beautiful Day Photography's blog.

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