Bridespaint, funky bands, and some cowboy rain boots

By on Sep. 5th

The Offbeat Flickr Pool boasted some amazing bridespaint, funky bands, sci-fi invites, and some cowboy rain boots.

Photo by Lora Dudek

I'm loving this handmade kraft paper banner adorning Kristin and Justin's munchie table, and the mini bunting above it makes it extra adorable.

Photo by Lora Dudek

Kristen and Justin also made this photo mat that everyone could sign in lieu of a traditional guest book. They're now using it to frame their favorite wedding photos.

Bride calling out to the groom in the back

Photo by Ork de Rooij

Tribe member Millennyum rocks this fantastic green gown, but the best part is her "bridespaint" that was hand-painted on her skin just for the wedding.

Madlot 2

Photo by Ork de Rooij

Millennyum also had a Dutch folk band, Madlot, liven up her reception. They play on medieval instruments like bagpipes, harmonica, and hurdy gurdy. I can't even get over how these guys are making my day.

Photo by John Jamieson

In other band news, Molly and Chris incorporated a Bluegrass band, Kindred Spirits, into their wedding. If I'm not wrong, I'm seeing PBR, Crocs, and lots of strings. Awesome.

Photo by the bride's sister-in-law, Heidi Sue

The groomsmen at Sara and Don's wedding show off their sexy legs, some duck face, and a pretty kick-ass truck. I'm pretty sure a couple of them are imitating a dog at a fire hydrant instead of a sexeh lady, but I still love them all.

Email save-the-date
John and Christie owned their sci-fi fan status by making a 1960s sci-fi/fantasy-style save-the-date. She's a sci-fi/fantasy writer and he's an editor, so it's totally fitting. Gene Roddenberry would approve.

Look, fireworks! I love that Anne is pointing them out. These two have a cute, documentary-style wedding video too. Cutie patooties.

Erin and Tadd show off their boots and nekkid feet, respectively. Erin's boots are actually cowboy-shaped rain boots. And it's awesome that her long, white dress belies the wild and colorful crinoline underneath.

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