I'm a photographer in search of a some very specific weddings to shoot (discounts included!)

Guestpost by Angela from Milestone Images on Sep. 6th

You might remember Angela (New York-based wedding photographer Milestone Images) from her previous guest post in defense of trash the dress. Well, she's back and looking for some specific offbeat brides!

Since my first Q&A two years ago, I've had the privilege and pleasure of working with more than twenty-five couples who found me through this website. I've photographed everything from last month's fabulous DIY rustic barn wedding to a Halloween-themed zoo wedding to steampunk affairs and surprise courthouse elopements. Not to mention a magical Lord of the Rings-inspired wedding (with hand-drawn maps!)

In short, Offbeat Empire readers are thoroughly inspirational to work with! The creativity my couples come up with often surpasses anything I could imagine. There are, however, a couple of themes, locations, venues and/or love stories that I'm dying to photograph, and I'm offering special discounts for couples whose visions match my own…

Renaissance-inspired weddings

Angie and her armored-up husband!

I'm a Ren Faire/faerie-type-chick who married a guy who owns a full suit of armor, and I am longing to shoot a wedding in a castle or at a Renaissance Festival or Medieval Times! Whatever, I'm not picky.

Offbeat Brides always get 10% off from me, but the first garb-loving, sword-toting, human-chess playing, giant turkey leg-eating duo will save 15% off their total photography package, with a free engagement session thrown in for anyone getting married at Castle on the Hudson in Tarrytown, NY; Whitby Castle in Rye, NY; Oheka Castle on Long Island, NY, or the NY Ren Faire in Tuxedo Junction, NY. Huzzah!

Canadian weddings

I'd love to shoot a summer wedding at Mont Tremblant in Quebec. Canadians, this special offer is for you! My mother-in-law and her family built a log cabin on Lac-Eqerre near St-Jovite. By hand. In the snow. I'm half kidding, but really, my mother-in-law remembers stripping the bark off the wood logs that form the cabin's exterior walls as a little girl. It's pretty much my happy place, especially since the nearby resort town was developed, bringing a Norwegian spa and a microbrewery within a fifteen-minute drive. :)

Maybe you met at the Mont Tremblant while skiing and are planning a summer wedding in 2012 or 2013? I fantasize about having a bride (or two) brave enough to jump in the lake in her dress. See this dock?

It's totally shallow enough that you won't drown in a wet dress if you take a flying leap right there; I checked. (I've spent a lot of time thinking about this.)

For you Canadian brides, I'm offering the regular 10% discount, plus I'm waiving the international travel fee and throwing in a free trash the dress session that ends at the lake.

Pyromaniacs or those who have circus skills

My shutter finger is itching to shoot any celebration involving fire-hooping, fire-spinning, poi or flaming batons of any kind. Were you as blown away by this wedding as I was?

I shot this picture, above, as part of an engagement session in June, and this one, below, using a photography technique called "light graffiti."

That would be my husband having a light saber battle against… himself. (We're geeks.) Anyway, I'd love to use my long-exposure, light graffiti skills with a fire-inclined couple couple. Or stilts. Stilts would be cool.

If you're planning something like this for your wedding, I'm willing to take 15% off the total photography package and throw in an extra session where you can show off the full extent of your pyromania or circus skills.

Winter weddings

From hot to cold! I'm totally psyched about January and February weddings. The possibilities are endless for New Year's, Valentine's Day, Mardi Gras-themed inspiration weddings. Heck, Groundhog's Day or Alice-in-Wonderland-in-January would work, too.

You choose: couples getting married in January or February get 15% off and a free session OR 20% off your total package. (I still have some openings in 2012, though space is limited. 2013 couples are also encouraged to get in touch.)

Saving the best for last!

New York finally legalized gay marriage! I've photographed same-sex weddings in Massachusetts and Connecticut, but I've yet to shoot couples close to home!

New Yorkers, (or couples who live elsewhere but are getting married here), celebrate and save! The first couple to book saves 20% off their total package price.

Not planning a Canadian, Ren Faire-themed, fire-infused, winter wedding to your same-sex partner? That's okay! The first Offbeat Lite couple to mention this entry and book with a contract and deposit saves 15%. Everyone else can still click here to save 10%, same as always.

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