A wedding in Miami with boots, Wai-Ching, and funnel cake

By on Sep. 29th

Liz and Cristina got married in Miami and spent the entire day together, including getting gussied up together. There were a couple of amazing Wai-Ching They ♥ OBB; we ♥ them dresses, colorful boots, and bacon earrings. Mark and Raven of Leah and Mark PhotographyThey ♥ OBB; we ♥ them captured all the mushy moments with these two gals.

Mmm… ring closeup. Like their dresses, they match without being matchy-matchy. And check out the bacon earrings!

Here is a good shot of the wedding henna while the couple got ready to make their entrance at the church.

Check out the chapel! It's rustic and quaint while still being opulent. There is definitely an old world Miami feel to it.

Fantastic dresses alert! The colors and embroidery look beautiful together.

A hint of killer tats and a sweet kiss are a winning combination.

The benefit of a Miami wedding: tropical foliage!

'80s-style buttons with modern catchphrases! I love this hard. (That's what she said.)

This cake looks like it is combining the dress design with the ring design plus some awesome nature inspiration.

Holy moly! A funnel cake station rocks. Totally nom-worthy.

You can see more of this colorful couple at Leah and Mark's blog including lots of henna shots and more tropical goodness.

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