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For your honeymoon lingerie consideration: sinister cirque

By on Sep. 9th

HELLO THERE, neo-vic ring leader!

I was doodling around over on, and came across this look that so immediately screamed OFFBEAT HONEYMOON OUTFIT that I couldn't help but share.

I realize this isn't the sort of thing we normally feature, but come on: seriously!?

The lace parasol?

The little top hat?

The striped stockings!?


If I walked into a honeymoon suite and saw this waiting for me I just… uh. Things would happen. Let's just leave it at that.

For a play-by-play of the full outfit, keep reading.

To learn more about each product, click the pictures below.
The parasol:

The Parisian-style skirt:

The stockings:

The little burlesque-y teeny tiny top hat:

(or make your own)

Oh, and don't forget the fingerless lace gloves! I'm a little torn on the corset included in this look, just 'cuz no off-the-rack corset is going to fit you like a custom-made corset will…but then again, no custom-made corset is only going to cost $50.

So, what do y'all think: should we be featuring more sexy-time stuff like this on Offbeat Bride?