Tons of details about the Offbeat Empire party and Geek Girl Con (only a month away!)

By on Sep. 8th

Holy shit! It's September and that means Geek Girl Con and our big Offbeat Empire party at Urban Light Studios are only a month away. Will wee see you in Seattle, October 7th, 8th, and 9th!? HMMM?

Offbeat Empire party: Friday, 10/7 (which happens to be Ada Lovelace Day, which is perfect)

Baby Van Beezly will be there to rock you off your butt

First, let's talk about this party we're planning for Friday, October 7th. We have been getting into some serious schemes with Kelli, the evil genius from Shindig Events, to bring you a night of Offbeat Empire tomfoolery.

A few of the things we've got in store for y'all:

Are you ready to be a part of this hot mess?

That, my friends, is Baby Van Beezly.

Now! Let's talk about some details, like when and where and who and how we can make sure you're there with us. Because oh man: WE WANT YOU THERE WITH US:

WHEN: Friday October 7th, 8pm – midnight (or until we get kicked out)
WHERE: Urban Light Studios, 8537 Greenwood Ave N Suite 1, Seattle WA

  • Ariel (Publisher, Offbeat Empire)
  • In town from Los Angeles: Megan (Managing Editor, Offbeat Bride)
  • In town from Alabama: Stephanie (Managing Editor, Offbeat Mama)
  • In town from Iowa: Cat Rocketship (Managing Editor, Offbeat Home)
  • In town from Virginia: J.M. Dodd (Web Developer, Offbeat Empire)
  • In town from Chicago: Catherine (Assistant Editor, Offbeat Bride)
  • In town from Brooklyn: Becca (Developer, Offbeat Empire).

The party is open to readers of all three Offbeat Empire sites, and it's FREE, but you must be on the RSVP list to get in.

Offbeat Empire panel: Sunday, 10/9

Now let's talk about our panel at the Geek Girl Con, which is supposedly the whole excuse for Friday night's party. The con organizers have been oddly secretive about their programming, but at least we finally got the details for the timing of our panel:

About our panel: "Rocking the geek niche: Nerdiness is your superpower"

WHEN: Sunday October 9th, 1pm
WHERE: Seattle Center Northwest Rooms, Room TBA
PANELISTS: Ariel (Publisher, Offbeat Empire), Megan (Managing Editor, Offbeat Bride), Stephanie (Managing Editor, Offbeat Mama), Cat Rocketship (Managing Editor, Offbeat Home), J.M. Dodd (Web Developer, Offbeat Empire)

We'll address not only how the Offbeat Empire is built on celebrating geek culture, but also how each panelist has applied her individual techy/nerdy qualities in her career development. Then we'll take it meta and focus on how readers of the Empire's popular sites can work the nerd niche in the following parts of their lives:

  • How brides use it to plan weddings. We see it all the time when people have geeky weddings, how whole communities of friends come together to help out because they're excited to get behind something that's not only different, but celebrates their otherwise ridiculed niches.
  • Parents can use it to raise their kids. Think good and evil in the Star Wars world, taking kids to cons, learning about bullying and confidence development.
  • Creating a home, creating a safe space to be yourself… retiring to your Millenium Falcon bed and feeling like a rock star.


As you can see, I've got staff flying in from all over the country — any of y'all readers want to come up from Oregon or down from Canada?