Ever wonder what a wedding in World of Warcraft looks like?

By on Aug. 15th

Kellia and her husband were married in a "Pirates and Pagan beach wedding." Surprisingly enough, this post is not about that wedding (as cool as it sounds). This post is about their other wedding! A week after their real-life wedding, their World of Warcraft avatars, Hamiltin and Rhialah, both gnome mages, were married in the Circle of Life, in the presence of members of their guild.

However, it may surprise you that a World of Warcraft wedding has much of the same problems as a real-life wedding. How? Well, you still have to find the right venue. Kellia explains,

"It was my husband David's idea to have the WOW wedding. (David is a self-confessed altoholic.) Finding a venue was the hardest, everyone had different ideas. The biggest problem was staying out of areas where something/one would attack during the ceremony. I wanted it on one of the floating islands in Nagrand, but David was afraid someone would fall off and go splat. Circle of Life is on flat ground."

Sometimes even vendors don't show and your ceremony can get awkward:

"A last minute problem was that the person we had picked for the officiant, a priest from our guild, did not show. Fortunately, a Paladin from our allied guild was dressed for the occasion, and was prevailed upon to officiate. He made up a ceremony on the spot, invoking "The Light." It was great.

However, we do not have 'vent' (the ability to speak to each other online), so we had to type everything and exchanging rings was through the clumsy medium of the trade window. But it all worked out in the end."

And their receptions can rock! "Hamiltin and Rhialah" held their reception at Bruuk's Inn in Ironforge, where the couple was feted with bawdy limericks and the alcohol flowed liberally. Later, the happy couple danced at Club Lyon in Dalaran where two DJs gave them a shout-out. Well, consider this another shout-out guys. Congratulations to y'all virtually and IRL.