Tons of paper flower inspiration for your wedding (or paper anniversary!)

By on Aug. 25th

Coffee filters, origami, newsprint — all find their way into crafty hands for paper flower bouquets, centerpieces, and decor. If you're choosing paper flowers for budget reasons, are super crafty, want to inject some literary love into your wedding, or whatever, there are tons of choices. Hell, don't forgot about the first year paper anniversary! You could do an homage to that tradition in the form of flowers. We've already featured some amazing alternatives to ye olde living flora and fauna, but we're rounding up our paper choices for your handmade and alternative material inspiration.

Paper flower centerpieces

Robot in BloomThey ♥ OBB; we ♥ them offers hand-painted, super realistic paper flower bouquets and decor. Even the texture looks real. I heart these hard.


Photo by Derik Moore

Karin's sixty paper flower centerpieces, seen here en masse, were all hand-folded! Crafty lass.


Photo by Jen Hellow

Check out Erin and Sam's Dia de los Muertos-inspired colorful tissue paper flowers. They injected a little Halloween and masquerade influence too.


Photo by Ian Belanger

Kimberly made these amazing colored coffee filter centerpieces! She said, "Afterwards we gave most of them to the nurses in the oncology unit — fresh flowers aren't allowed!"

Purty book and paper flowers for the bridesmaids at Kim's wedding. Plus the giant, gorgeous crepe paper flowers in shades of blue.

Paper flower bouquets

3 Bouquet
Cath's pink and book paper rose bouquet was made by Bookworm Eats Flower. So literate and purty.

2 Paper Flowers
And check out Cath's husband Iain's boutonnière version.

Detail of bouquet
Heidi's clean and crisp white paper flower bouquet was made by Becca Mari. When there is craftsmanship like this you can keep them forever.


Photo by

Tara lost her friend Brian, who she would have had walk her down the aisle. She memorialized him by adding his picture to her paper flower bouquet. It was a lovely tribute. Read more here.

Bride Bouquet
Katie's blue, black, and white bouquet was made by her friend Kellie.
It's a little bling-y, a little steampunk, and a lot gorgeous.

Petal ProductsThey ♥ OBB; we ♥ them crafts paper roses and other flora out of all kinds of materials like novels, comic book pages, maps, and sheet music (as shown here).


Photo by Paul Saunders

White and blue origami flowers abound at Becky's winter wedding. She even had them on her cake!

If you love this French novel flower bouquet, you'll love the tutorial. Acrylic paint, pipe cleaners, and a novel will get you started.


Photo by Ian Belanger

Kimberly made these DIY bouquets from maps, which makes them pop with color. Ya'll know I love these kusudama paper flowers.

my DIY bouquet
Hand-folded, hand-painted origami flowers made from lots of sources. Vintage rhinestones, typewriter keys, and clock gears adorn the middle of the flowers, all handmade by Tribe member PsychoFaerie.

my bouquet
Nicole made these flowers from repurposed filter papers that were used in her lab. She says, "I went with my favourite colour: Rainbow." :)

Here are some other paper and non-floral inspiration posts and DIY tutorials to peruse:

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