Vintage snack: 16 children's worth of weddings

By on Aug. 10th

The bride pictured here is now the mother of 16 children. Al and Beata wed in the 1950s and reader Chris sent us an amazing album with family wedding photos from their wedding and their children's (and grandchildren's!) weddings.

Here is what Chris had to say about the submission:

My future mother-in-law is one of 16 (a good Catholic family in Nebraska), and I recently came into most of the wedding photos from the family. These photos begin with my fiance's grandparents and continue to the very youngest aunt (who is younger, actually, than my fiance. I know).

It was so wonderful to watch the progression of wedding fashion through these family photos.

To make it easier on the rest of the world, the family is named alphabetically. So Grandma and Grandpa are Al and Beata, and their first born is Cindy. They kept going until they reached Stephanie. Which I think is just sort of awesome.

Dancing in a barn, petticoat flying, and the most adorable band ever. Check out the bass player!

Here is a shot of Al and Beata and all of their children. The little one in the front is featured at her own wedding later on.

Here is Al and Beata's oldest, Cindy, at her wedding. I love the flower-child chic.

Al and Beata's seventh, Irene, with her husband Jim. We've definitely stepped into the '80s with this one. And Jim is rockin' that white suit.

As I teased earlier, here is their 16th, Stephanie, with her husband Paul. Sunrise, sunset…

And finally the third generation, Cindy's daughter Julie, with her husband Aaron. With a family this large, they must go to weddings and birthday parties constantly.

Check out the full album for the collection.

Do you have vintage wedding photos hidden away? Email me! Try to include as much info as you know about the photo, plus your Tribe or personal URL, if you have one.

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