Indie Wedding DJ is the only Toronto DJ that gives you a no-cheese guarantee

By on Aug. 23rd

Hey look: it's the Indie Wedding DJ spinning awesome tunes just for you!

Oh man, the perils of booking a wedding DJ — nothing gave me more trepidation. I kept telling my day-of planner, "No cheesy DJs! I don't care who you hire, just please… no cheese!" What did I get… cheese. Sad trombone. Lucky for you Toronto, Ontario peeps, you have a fail-safe, non-cheesy DJ plan with offbeat sponsor Indie Wedding DJ!

Indie Wedding DJ's philosophy is simple: play only great music at your wedding. They do have a particular passion for indie music — Arcade Fire, Phoenix, MGMT, LCD Soundsystem, The Strokes, Wolf Parade, Florence + the Machine, etc. — but they also love playing a variety of genres including classic rock and pop from the '50s, '60s, '70s, '80s, and '90s, along with old school rap, soul, and disco. This means they help you pull off the ultimate party wish: EVERYONE, from your little cousins to your grandma, is dancing, but your indie-music-loving friends aren't rolling their eyes.

Of course, any DJ will say that they play the best songs that will make your whole party dance, yadda yadda yadda, but how is it that I can guarantee that Indie Wedding DJ reeeeeeally won't bring the cheese? I present to you their anti-cheese promise:

10 cheesy songs that the Indie Wedding DJ will promise not to play. I love it!

Speaking of song lists, even those of you who aren't looking for a Toronto DJ should head over to the Indie Wedding DJ blog, because they have put together a FREE indie music guide for your wedding! Now why the Indie Wedding DJ is giving away the recipe to their secret sauce is beyond me, but we definitely love 'em for it.

To those of you who ARE looking for a Toronto wedding DJ: head over to their website and, once you watch this adorable video, you should book 'em ASAP!

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