Our Stereo Love Party or, How we fine-tuned our wedding playlist

Guestpost by Krista on Aug. 10th

Our wedding playlist was way too long. I'm talking, the reception and dance playlist was 20.2 hours long! We knew we had to refine the list, so last month we met up with some friends for after-work-Friday-drinks and I pulled out my iPhone. I started listing off some of the songs and our friends got really into voting on which songs were good choices and which weren't. A while later we met up with another friend, Karen, for dinner. Then we continued going down through the list. By the end of dinner Karen said, "You guys need to have a party so we can review your whole playlist!" By the end of the night we decided that we would host a "Stereo Love Party" (namely because our friend Steve kept telling us that he wanted to request a song called Stereo Love to be added to the list).

The rules of our Stereo Love Party were this:

  • We would give our friends one request and one veto (but of course, we have unlimited vetos to cancel any vetos that we don't agree with).
  • We also vote whether the song is for 1) mingling music for in between the ceremony and reception, 2) reception music, 3) fast dance song, 4) slow dance song, or 5) I need a break from dancing, let's go get a beer.

This is how our Stereo Love Party went down:

So we started with 20.2 hours of music but we ended up with five hours of mingling music and nine hours of dancing music. We still have a lot of refinement to do but now we have a better idea of what our friends really want to hear and have a better idea of which ones we should cut back on.

It became apparent early on in the Stereo Love Party that five options were clearly too many for our friends who may or may not have been under the influence of adult beverages. :) So we decided to reduce it to either 1) mingling music or 2) dancing music. Two options seemed to reduce the confusion.

Our friends also decided that they needed voting signs so they were quickly written up on plain paper. Some decided that illustrations were needed just to be sure.

We had the list of songs imported into excel and I was keeping track as our friends were voting. I had to arrange to have someone tally the votes because between people changing their votes while I was counting and trying to maintain the file as the songs were being cued proved to be too difficult.

It took a while to get the voting going, but once we did it was so much fun to see how into it our friends got! Between reminiscing about songs from back in high school, to professing disgust regarding a particular artist, or professing love regarding a particular song, it was an interesting way to narrow down the playlist.

A couple of times I caught people saying "Krista, I'll vote for this song AND I'll dance with you when it comes on!" after seeing that I was disappointed that the majority wanted to vote against one of my favourite songs. Or hearing "Oh yeah, Maria… how you gonna dance to that?! Show me. Show me now." It was funny to see how one person would consider a song to be a dancing song whereas others thought that it was impossible to dance to it.

Other times we caught friends bargaining with each other to sway the votes, like when I caught Steve bribing to use someone else's vote because he didn't like the way they were voting.

It was also cool that our friends who are getting married the weekend after us were there and were taking notes on particular songs that they wanted to remember to add to their wedding playlist.

All in all, it was a fantastic way to hang out with friends and be wedding productive! :)

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Krista is a risk engineer for a local offshore oil and gas company. She has a crazy cake decorating hobby and loves the show Ace of Cakes. She's planning an August wedding at a Country Club in Newfoundland, Canada.