Wedding accessories (and classy weapons!?) from the Broken Plate Pendant Co.

By on Aug. 26th

Never has grandma's old chipped china looked so menacing, or so amazing.

I knew that it was offbeat sponsor LOVE when I saw that Juliet Ames, a Baltimore-based crafter behind The Broken Plate Pendant Co., makes china knuckles that double as one bad-ass necklace. The Broken Plate Pendant Co also has some amazing options for non-lethal jewelry as well for brides and grooms who would like to incorporate recycled materials into their big day. ("Something old," anyone?)

Keep reading to get in on an Offbeat Bride discount, and to see what the Broken Plate Pendant Co. can do with another woman's trash.

From pendants to belt buckles, Juliet can custom make your wedding accessories! The Broken Plate Co. specializes in making custom jewelry from broken sentimental family china. How sweet is that!? So if you have some so-chipped-it's-unusable china plates from your late grandmother (like I do), you could have them become a special part of your wedding day with a special memorial necklace, or bouquet charm.

Aside from her ready-made collections, Juliet also makes custom matching sets for bridesmaids and groomsmen as well. I love the cufflinks. Juliet will work closely with you to select to select the perfect plate to compliment your wedding's color scheme or theme.

Don't even get me started on the pendants selection. OMG, so much cool shit to look at in here! If you love the pendants as much as I do, this discount's right up your alley:

OFFBEAT DISCOUNT: The Broken Plate Pendant Co. is offering readers of Offbeat Bride one free pendant with the purchase of a four piece matching wedding party set.

Get in on that discount and this could be you and your adorable wedding party!

So what are you waiting for — me to break out my china knuckles? Get your upcycled loving, heirloom cherishing, cool-shit loving butts over to Juliet's site and find your missing piece!