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Nerdtastic toasting tankards for beer lovers

By on Aug. 17th

I put together a roundup of toasting flutes that are all kinds of awesome, and almost immediately I got requests in the comments for "nerdtastic tankards" for the beer-lovers in the house. Oh boy, you came to the right Offbeat Empire editor for THAT request. Here we go!

Let's start this baby off with the very first tankards I ever encountered at a wedding — the World of Warcraft Tankard O'Terror.

I love this Viking horn tankard from Alchemy of England.

Glass Beer Tankard
These may not be super nerdy (unless you engrave it with something cool), but the tall glass tankard makes a smooth transition from champagne toasting flute to beer drinker.

Here's one for you steampunk lovers out there. It's got a glass bottom, copper lid, and awesome brass accents.

The people who brought you my favorite dragon toasting flutes also make amazing beer steins. My favorite is this octopus guy here.

Here's a set of four, for you to share with your best man and maid of honor, perhaps? Or just keep the extra two for when company comes over.

For the goth crowd, or my Halloween brides — how much do you love this skull tankard?

Here's a tankard for a Viking goddess, with the Norse goddess Freya as the handle.

I love this Celtic feasting tankard, made of pewter and ringed with engraved zoomorphic designs.

The body of this tankard is finished with a pewter Bavarian crest badge and a flat pewter lid. It's also engravable, so it's perfect to make it all speshul with your wedding date and name and such.

This is a great one for the people in your wedding party, as you can switch out the engravable plates to suit your needs.

I also really like the simplicity of this guy.

[related-post align="right"] I think I shall end this with these Lord of the Rings/The Hobbit tankards. Each tankard is deep-etched with iconic artwork featuring one of the most popular Middle-earth taverns, like The Green Dragon, The Prancing Pony, The Floating Log, or The Golden Perch.

Any more nerdtastic tankard leads out there in beer-loving bride land?