Leopard dresses, rainbow wigs, and ring bears — oh my!

By on Aug. 10th

Oh, hello there, how you doing? Oh, what, you're wondering about this photo? Oh, you know, that's just an entire bridal party in different colored leopard wiggle dresses and rainbow wigs. You know, no biggie. No, wait — um… BIG BIGGIE! That right there, my friends, is blowing my mind.

Emily and Kyle had some AMAZING stuff going on on their wedding day. When we pressured Emily to fill out a profile ASAP she said, "I thought we were possibly crazy and that, as weird as we were going, there was a giant possibly it would be a disaster. But, it turned out spectacular." Spectacular is an understatement. Until we get her profile next week, these photos should get your salivary glands going…

Kyle and Emily looking like HAWT incarnate.

Here's a little amazing hair porn for you — boy AND girl version.


And I know you want a better look at that sparkly corset, so feast your eyes.

Hey look, it's their Ring Bear!

We'll have more about this rainbow and kilted wedding in Rockford, Illinois coming next week. BE READY.

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