Vintage Post Office-inspired wedding invitations

Guestpost by Jessica Charlton on Aug. 30th

You have got to see Jessica's vintage Post Office-inspired wedding invites. Being a super crafty chick, she made these babies herself. They'll blow you away.

We've been designing all the paper goods ourselves, and printing them ourselves at our local Kinko's. That's how me made our telegram Save the Dates.

Then it came time to do our envelopes, and we really loved the look of this 1940 Canadian Airmail envelope:

But when we handed our envelopes to the Kinko's employee, she shook her head and said they will not print on envelopes because the back flaps might ruin the machines.


Basically, after a lot of frustration and attempts we came to the conclusion that our ink jet printer would not do the pretty border at full bleed, so we resigned ourselves to just printing the addresses on them and then I would hand-stamp the borders.

But I'm really glad it worked out this way, because I think the effect looks better than what a printer would have mimicked, and I can't wait to share these with our loved ones!

(Through the whole night I kept remembering that part in The Little Mermaid where Sebastian gets all huffy and says, "If you want some-ting done right youuu got ta do it yarrself!" SO TRUE.)

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